Skin Actives Solutions To Fade Dark Age Spots

Addressing dark spots can range from adding some DIY ingredients to a cream you already love, or taking a look at a ready-made product. Here’s what Skin Actives Scientific has for you:

Apocynin - If you haven’t read our blog article on why we love this antioxidant ravaging active ingredient, check it out here. Meanwhile, we use it in our cutting-edge Advanced Ageless line, to combat damage from ROS*.

Kojic Acid - Kojic acid has a long and established history in the skin care industry for its ability to address hyperpigmentation. Add some to your favorite cream, or find it in our top shelf hyperpigmentation formulations such as UV Repair Cream and Skin Brightening Cream.

ROS Terminator - This cocktail of antioxidants can turn any lotion or cream you are currently using into an ROS terminating machine! 

UV Repair Cream - Great for both healthy prevention as well as skin repair, UV Repair Cream is great if you want to avoid UV damage in the future, or if you want to reverse damage now. It’s no substitute for sunscreen, but well worth working into your routine!

Skin Brightening Cream - A lot of people are looking to bleach their skin to remove signs of sun damage. At Skin Actives, we don’t believe in that process, which can be very harmful, especially to people with darker skin tones. Skin Brightening Cream uses kojic acid mixed with powerful antioxidant lipids to slowly and gently reduce the melanin produced in dark spots or hyper pigmented areas.