Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliant

Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliant


This exceptionally gentle pumpkin enzyme exfoliation product provides soothing moisture while removing dead skin cells. The pumpkin bioferment leaves even sensitive skin feeling smooth and soft. Simply apply a thin layer of the Pumpkin Enzyme peel to clean, dry skin, leave on for 3-10 minutes and wash off with a gentle cleanser.  This exfoliant will leave your skin fresh, renewed and hydrated.  The Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating peel is suitable for all skin types, but if you feel irritation, discontinue use immediately. Made with pure fermented pumpkin fruit.

  • How it work

    How it works

    • Exfoliates skin to improve texture
    • Removes dead skin cells for smooth skin
    • Moisturizes dry, sensitive skin

    How to use it

    Apply to the face once a week after cleansing. Leave on for 3-10 minutes, keeping away from the eyes. Immediately remove if you feel discomfort. Remove using a mild cleanser and warm water.

    Quick Tips

    This product is a gentle enough for all skin types.

    Product Life

    12 Months

  • Ingredients


    Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Fruit Ferment Filtrate.

  • Research



    For Topical Use Only, Not Intended for Consumption.

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