What are Coolifting Benefits?

  • Lifting effect: eliminates superficial wrinkles, reduces deep wrinkles, smoothens and illuminates skin.

  • Rejuvenating Effect: intensely stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, promotes dermis regeneration and improves skin texture and quality.

  • De-pigmentation effect: with Coolifting CoolClear also the skin tone is unified.

A non-surgical anti-aging facial treatment

CooLifting is a revolutionary treatment now available to experience at our private salon based in Bearsted, Maidstone.

Join the revolution and experience the CooLifting gun that performs a radical facial treatment using powerful co2 flow, at very low temperatures and very high pressure, combined with high volume of anti-ageing and lifting ingredients induces collagen and elastic formation which increases the skins tissue to become oxygenated.


The Benefits of the CooLifting Treatment:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Improves skin texture

  • Increases radiance

  • Plumps skin

  • Improves elasticity

  • Improves skin tone



The CooLifting treatment involves a cold CO2 flow and atomized actives mixed with a high pressure application which in turn results in the following:

  • Paradoxical Vessel-Motricity: blood vessels constrictions followed by blood vessels dilatations of the blood micro-circulation. By suffering a strong cold stimulus, the blood vessels alternatively constrict and expand to counter it.

  • Cryophoresis and Barophoresis: multiplication of the Coolifting active by cold and pressure. The combination of cold with the high pressure applied on the epidermis causes a strong penetration of the Coolifting actives and an exponential increase of its effects.

  • Thermal Shock: stimulation of the underlying tissues. Those tissues are normally at a temperature of some 36ºC (97ºF). Upon experiencing a sudden drop of temperature, it causes a deep and instantaneous dermis reaction.

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