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Rejouvenance Spa provides the highest quality outcall spa service which brings the luxury of therapeutic body massage a spa facial or a beautiful natural tan to the client's hotel or private villa.

Enjoy a therapeutic body massage, relax, release tension  with our professional therapists and unique facials and spray on tanning with Yolanda. 

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Renew - Rejuvenate - Firm

Look your best on your special day with a beautiful smooth, firm and hydratedskin. Geneo+facial gives the 

exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion plus a deep skin rejuvenation, skin regeneration and skin oxygenation. Geneo+delivers a specific infusion of ingredients to smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while 

revitalising dull complexion, reducing skin pigmentation, sun damage, brightening the skin’s complexion with essential revitalising nutrients offering skin repair, skin regeneration and healing. 

Geneo+ Facial 60 minutes...$175

with Tripolar RF 90 minutes...$220

Skin Hydration


A powerful Cooling gun with high pressure is used during the treatment to shoots over the skin with active ingredients combines with a strong 

CO2 flow at an extremely high pressure and low temperatures. Results are visible after the treatment. Glowing and hydrated skin just after one tsession. No down time and suitable for all skin types.


Add on CooLifting 15 minutes...$60 

Skin Rejuvenation


High grade pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid is delivered through the latest micropowder 

Radio Frequency mesotherapy technology, restoring skin hydration improving fine lines 

and wrinkles while brightening the skin

Add on Mesotherapy 30 minutes...$80


Spray On Tanning

Yolanda is an expert on Spray on Tanning, expect amazing results. Our Award-Winning Sunless product is the perfect blend of natural and organic ingredients that will keep skin moisturized, radiant and hydrated throughout the tanning process. It is formulated with organic oils (high in antioxidants), green tea extract, organic herbs, vitamins and natural colours.  After 6 - 8 hours, shower and discover a new tanner you.


30 minutes...$90


Therapeutic Body Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Sport Massage

Swedish Massage

60 minutes...$165

90 minutes...$185

120 minutes...$235


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