Skin Regenerating Treatment

The combination of GeneO+ with skin repair and a regenerating gel containing Micro-Bubbles producing oxygen delivers actives and safe regenerating and nourishing ingredients to the skin.
Geneo+ gives the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation delivering infusion and choice of NeoRevive Gel Formula to smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and revitalizes dull complexion OR NeoBright Gel Formula to reduce skin pigmentation and sun damage while brightening the skin’s complexion. Essential revitalizing nutrients offering skin repair, skin regeneration and healing, skin oxygenation from within. Geneo+ Treatments are suitable for all skin types, any ethnicity and pigmentation, sensitive skin, and even for those who keloid (scar) and couldn’t otherwise have abrasion treatments.


Gel Formula 

NeoRevive Gel Formula smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and revitalizes dull




Hyaluronic acid = Wrinkle Reduction

Naturally produced by the body and responsible for fluid retention and skin moisturizing, as we age, the body’s capacity to produce Hyaluronic Acid decreases. This results in thinner, dryer and wrinkled skin. By infusing Hyaluronic acid, the skin is able to regain lost moisture and volume, thereby reducing wrinkles.


Peptides = Skin Repair

Peptides are small protein fragments which strengthen the skin’s ability to retain fluids. Combined with Hyaluronic Acid, a synergetic effect of dermal repair is created.

Retinol = Collagen Renewal

A derivative of vitamin A, Retinol has been clinically provide to increase collagen and skin cell production. It is known as one of the best anti-wrinkle solutions.

GeneO+ Super Facial complete Treatment with LED and Tri-polar RF Visibly younger looking skin after just one treatment.Skin get exfoliated, hydrated and healed from within at the same time. All in one solution facial treatment to deliver skin nourishment, boost skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This facial treatment can be customized for skin lightening or skin rejuvenation. Includes steam, extractions and a delightful face and neck massage.

90 minutes.....$220

Add On IPL Skin Rejuvenation.....$280


Gel Formula

NeoBright reduces skin pigmentation and sun damage while lightening the skin’s complexion.



Azelaic Acid = Even Pigmentation

Azelaic Acid is a well-known agent that is used to treat skin hyperpigmentation conditions that decreases the activity of pigment-producing cells.


Kojic Acid = Skin Lightening

Kojic Acid is a naturally occurring agent produced by fungi which inhibits Melanin production. When combined with Azelaic acid, there is a synergistic lightening and bleaching effect.


Retinol = Anti-Aging

A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol has been clinically proven to increase collagen and skin cell production. It is also known as one of the best anti-aging solutions.

GeneO+Super Facial with LED (Light Emitting Diode therapy) combines Exfoliation, Infusion, and Oxygenation with a technology that provides unparalleled skin nourishment & oxygenation, revealing younger looking skin after just one treatment. Includes steam, light extractions with a delightful face and neck massage.

75 minutes.....$175

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