What is a Clinical Facial?

Most people are familiar with spa facials—a relaxing, massaging, cleansing, or exfoliating experience delivered by an aesthetician to make the skin feel cleaner and more moisturized. However, fewer people are familiar with clinical facials. Clinical facials provide a similarly relaxing experience, except they are more medical in nature and focus on improving the actual health of the skin. While standard facials extract impurities, clinical facials work to address, manage, improve, and prevent significant skin problems. The treatment for a clinical facial is more advanced than a standard facial from a medical standpoint, using methods only available in a medical clinic and delivered by a medical aesthetician.

Not only are clinical facials delivered by aestheticians with medical training, but they also involve the use of medical-grade skin products. During a clinical facial, you can expect a professional to assess the condition of your skin, detect any irritations or abnormalities, and subsequently apply the treatment that best suits your needs. A medical aesthetician will also usually thoroughly cleanse your skin and get rid of any dead skin cells by applying a microdermabrasion.

Issues Treated by a Clinical Facial

clinical facial is meant to purify the skin of any irritations while applying solutions to help maintain healthier skin. This treatment can help improve skin conditions such as:
Age spots, dark areas, and freckles

  • Fine lines

  • Light wrinkles

  • Rough skin

  • Select types of acne

  • Shallow acne scars

While clinical facials can help improve the look and feel of skin, they usually cannot treat deep wrinkles, sagging skin, or other more intensive skin conditions. However, clinical facials do focus on the long-term health of your skin and can provide a healthier, youthful-looking glow after multiple treatments.

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